Children’s Party – International New Year

1 January was Mother Home Cambodia’s New Year’s party for its students.  The celebration took place in the grounds of the school at Tatoukandal community, decorated with hundreds of baloons.  Students, teachers and friends joined in the games and enjoyed traditional noodle soup lunch, along with soft drinks, shaved ice cones and very loud music.  Prizes and goodies were part of the fun day which finished around 5pm.  Kosorl did a great job keeping the children busy with various games, handing out the prizes and making sure everything went smoothly.  He was assisted by teacher Vey and Mr Chhorvy who runs MHC II School further up the highway.  Plans are being made to hold a Games Day to celebrate Khmer New Year which will take place in April.  If you are in Siem Reap during that time, please contact us and help us celebrate out in the countryside.

MHC party 2015

Children’s Party – International New Year (01-Jan-2016)