Director Kosorl and Manager of Education, Chhorvy, met with parents of students attending Tatoukanda Primary School yesterday. As a result of the meeting, 65 students enrolled for English classes which will commence 9 February. Working with the parents, Mother Home Cambodia will purchase lesson books for the children, plus the Teacher’s manuals.

On its wish list, MHC hopes to purchase electronic equipment (such as a DVD player) which will enable classes to enjoy educational audio & visual English lessons.   Two young men from the village have volunteered their services as teachers and, hopefully, in the near future, MHC will find sponsors for a small salary for them.

Parents, students and Mother Home Cambodia are excited about the opportunities for a brighter future that this new class offers for the countryside children.   It is Mother Home Cambodia’s goal to provide equal opportunities for all children, believing children living in rural areas deserve the same educational opportunities as city children.