Building a New School

We are really excited about our new project – building our own MHC school!  A recent meeting with the parents confirmed they are happy with the idea and want to be involved in the construction of the new school.

The design will be Khmer style with bamboo walls and thatch roof which will be sourced from the local community.  The school will measure approximately 5m x 14m, divided in the middle which will give us two classrooms, and have a concrete floor.  Each classroom will have room for 35 students.  Library facilities and storage for school supplies will be included in the plans.

New School Project at MHC

New School Project For MHC

Start date of the project is set for March 2016, subject to funds being available.  Stage 1 will involve filling the land (approx. 27m x 15m) which will eliminate flooding during the wet season.  The new school will be located close to MHC Home Stay accommodation for Volunteers which will be more convenient and has the added benefit of being able to connect to electricity.

Land for building School

A Block of Land for Filling Soil 

While exact figures for building and land fill are not totally available, projected cost is US$1200 all up.  As mentioned above, the students’ parents and other village locals will be involved and supply labour and materials where they can.  Involving the community in this new venture will increase their interest in education for their children.  The school will also be a meeting point for the community when the need arises.

How can you be involved in our project?  By breaking the costs into small packages, it gives you the chance to be part of the build and provide necessary materials.  For instance, 17 poles cost US$110.  You can offer to buy whatever you like from our materials list or make a donation:

Posts, Timber, Bricks, Mortar; Cement; Small Stones, Roof capping, Soil for filling; Heavy Equipment hire, Electricity connection.

With the support from our past volunteers, friends and family, providing an independent school offering free education for the disadvantage children in the countryside, will become reality  and prove that dreams can come true.

For further information or any queries, please check    Donation information can be found there.  Or contact Kosorl on Facebook: Oun Kosorl Angkor.

 Email:  (Cambodia)

If you are resident in Australia contact Ms.  Gail Black:  Email:

  Thank you for caring and making a difference.