Mother Home Cambodia School is run by a young man whose name is KOSORL. His dream is to provide free education for the underprivileged, to share his knowledge and experiences with other people, enabling them to find opportunities for a better life. Mother Home Cambodia School is in Tatoak Kandal Village, Chan Sar Commune, Soutr Nikom District, Siem Reap City which is approximately 35 kms from town.

Mother Home Cambodia School is a private, non-profit, non-religious, non-political, community based school. It was created on 01 January 2015 to provide FREE EDUCATION for children whose parents cannot afford to send them to school and to provide an equal opportunity to succeed in our Cambodian society. Mentoring the children on the importance of education, on being honest, reliable, hard-working citizens, morals and community responsibilities, is all part of the education we provide. Other vitally important areas which Mother Home Cambodia School recognized as necessary to incorporate in their program are health and dental care, vocational training, especially for those at risk, community support with sex education, domestic violence advice, family planning, child abuse and child protection training. To achieve our aims, a fair salary to attract professional, enthusiastic, loyal staff is also part of our plan.

Full time & part time Khmer staff, assisted by volunteers, will make up our team as the school grows. Construction has already started on our Mother Home Cambodia School building which should be completed  in 2017.   The new school will provide the children with a safe and comfortable place to learn. Ideally the poorest children will have a sponsor for their study, along with providing basic living necessities, such as clothes, books etc.

“Help the children today and you grow the Tree of Life”